• Ladder pattern provides good grip
  • Basic design is ideal for short trips
  • Great performance on sealed roads

There is nothing worse than getting stuck… so if you’re looking for more grip, carry a set of Laddercat chains to get you through those sticky situations.

Laddercat chains offer great value and excellent performance on roads and highways when you need ‘a bit more grip’ to keep you moving. Quick and easy to fit, yet compact enough to carry year round; Laddercat chains have a basic cross chain design that is suitable for mellower terrain and road conditions. These chains are designed to travel shorter trips on lower elevation roads. New twisted link chain provides a smoother ride on hard surfaces, ideal for carrying passengers or loads over variable terrain or in changeable conditions.


  • 9.5mm hardened twisted link chain
  • Ladder pattern cross chain design
  • Heavy-duty cleats for extra strength
  • New cam lever design improves leverage
  • Twisted link chain improves ride smoothness
  • New locking feature secures the cam lever in place
  • Snowcat rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers
  • Designed, tested and made in New Zealand


  • Snowcat heavy-duty carry bag
  • Colour fitting instructions included
  • Rubber bungy tensioners and hooks (one pair)


  • Snow types: compact, slushy, fresh snow
  • Road types: sealed roads and highways
  • Limited traction in heavy terrain or mud
  • Suitable for standard radial truck tyres
  • Fit on outside duellers for extra traction
  • Carry for unexpected weather changes


  • Rural trucks
  • Service vehicles
  • Fire engines
  • Tourism buses
  • Military vehicles
  • Resort transportation
  • Large trucks and buses


  • Emergency services
  • Rural service trucks
  • Line service operators
  • Passenger transportation
  • Military operations
  • Tourism businesses
  • Commercial haulage


  • Chains must be suitable for the vehicle to operate safely
  • Check vehicle manual for information on snow chain suitability
  • Safe operation requires adequate wheel clearance
  • Snowcat chains must be fitted to the driving wheels to get traction
  • Accurate sizing is key to performance and validity of warranty
  • Snowcat chains must be tensioned until they are very tight
  • Securely fasten any excess side-chain to prevent damage

Enquire About this Product

SNOWCAT chains are made in New Zealand for local conditions, so you get more grip.
Tell us a little about your vehicle or fleet and we will be in contact.

Laddercat - Commercial