SNOWCAT chains have been designed and developed in New Zealand. They have been built tough so you can tackle challenging terrain and extreme conditions.  SNOWCAT product design and development has taken place over the past decade.  Working with customer around NZ, we have produced a range of SNOWCAT products to suit many different vehicles and applications.


SNOWCAT chains have been tested and developed in New Zealand to optimise performance and maximise the lifespan of each set of chains. SNOWCAT chains have been used to clear snow from alpine roads and carparks; checking communications stations high in the alpine; fitted to vehicles transporting food and produce to the resorts; maintaining roads during winter and helping to service important transport links around the country.


SNOWCAT components have been designed in our factory to suit New Zealand terrain and conditions. Many components used to make SNOWCAT chains are made here from local and imported steel.  With a background specialising in high tensile steel manufacture, we have sourced high quality materials and components to manufacture a quality range of SNOWCAT snow chains.


A team of hard working Kiwis manufacture and assemble SNOWCAT products every winter using tools and equipment developed right here in New Zealand. SNOWCAT products are assembled using local knowledge and experience.  Quality replacement parts are available locally with fact turn-around service.