• Breaks through thick ice
  • Great in snow and mud
  • Digs deep for extra grip

Snowcat Icebreakers use a heavy duty v-bar chain that can break through thick ice and also works great in snow and mud. The v-bar chain digs deep for extra grip on challenging low-grip surfaces like frozen roads, clay, wet grass and scree. The v-bar chains offer excellent durability and strength on industrial tyres and can be customised to suit different applications.

Designed and assembled in New Zealand, Snowcat Icebreaker chains are suitable for many vehicles, including: unimogs, front-end loaders, graders, NZLAV and industrial vehicles.

Snowcat Icebreakers are available in 9.5mm and 11mm hardened v-bar chain for extra durability and strength. We can offer a customised Icebreaker product that can be tailored to suit the vehicle or the application. Snowcat steel components are designed and made here in New Zealand, with replacement parts available locally.

Extremely tough and durable, Icebreaker chains have withstood harsh alpine conditions over the past six years during testing and development. Icebreaker chains have been fitted onto Graders for snow clearing work in the mountains and used for winter road maintenance on alpine passes.

If you keep slipping and need more traction, Icebreaker chains will give you more grip and the confidence to get the job done. We can design and build Snowcat Icebreaker chains for different tyre sizes and applications. Contact us today for more information.


  • 9.5mm or 11mm hardened v-bar chain
  • Ladder pattern full-chain construction
  • Heavy-duty cleats for extra strength
  • Industrial strength cam levers
  • Locking feature secures the cam lever in place
  • Snowcat rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers
  • Designed, tested and made in New Zealand



  • Snowcat heavy-duty plastic bin
  • Large rubber bungy tensioners and hooks


  • Snow types: Deep snow and thick ice
  • Road types: sealed, unsealed & off-road
  • Heavy terrain: clay, scree and long grass
  • Suitable for large industrial tyres
  • Minimising impact on farmland or parks
  • Mountainous areas and challenging terrain
  • Extreme conditions and frozen roads
  • Deep traction on challenging low grip surfaces


  • Graders
  • Unimogs
  • Military vehicles
  • Front end loaders
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Snow clearing vehicles


  • Alpine operations
  • Remote access
  • Military equipment
  • Road maintenance
  • Forestry operations
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial transport

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SNOWCAT chains are made in New Zealand for local conditions, so you get more grip.
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